This is the perfect low-cal crisp for Gin O'Clock snacking!

Snacking is one of the UK’s favourite pastimes – and now, thanks to the magic of popping, snackers no longer need to compromise between health and taste. Meet popchips, the crisps that popped into May's Gin of the Month box without ever meeting a deep fat fryer.

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If healthy eating had a spiritual home, there’s no doubt it would be in sunny California, USA.

But even in a state obsessed with green juices, the Atkins diet and thrice-weekly yoga, Keith Belling couldn’t beat the cravings for a bag of crisps as a lunchtime treat – but he couldn’t find anything to satisfy him, either.

As Jessamy Beeson-Jones of popchips explains, “Our founder was tired of either buying unhealthy, fried crisps with his lunch or boring baked chips with no flavour. He wanted to create a delicious snack that was better for people, and that they’d be proud to be seen with.”

Rather than give in to a future of unsatisfying snacking, Keith teamed up with Patrick Turpin. Together, they were able to uncover a way to take potatoes to the next level. Rather than simply frying or baking, Patrick and Keith decided to try popping their potatoes like popcorn: exposing the raw ingredients to high heat and pressure until it ‘popped’ like a kernel of corn. It was 2012, and pop! The popchip was born.

“We never fry or bake our chips,” Jessamy says. “This means you have all the flavour of regular crisps, but with half of the fat and under 100 calories per serving.”

With no artificial flavours and no nasty surprises on the ingredients list, every flavour is gluten free and vegetarian. That includes the popchips in your May Gin of the Month box, which are flavoured with sea salt, and thus a perfect pair for your Occitan Gin (and super suited for dipping, Jessamy adds).

The recipient of a dozen awards worldwide – including Good Housekeeping Magazine’s gong for Bet Low Calorie Snack – popchips are the fastest growing snack brand in the UK. And, with a whole range of delicious flavours and more on the way, there’s always something exciting popping in their kitchen.

“World domination is next in line,” Jessamy laughs. “But in all seriousness, with no more compromising between better-for-you and better tasting, popchips give people the freedom to snack whenever they want – tastefully.”

Low calorie and delicious? We’ll snack to that!