Which lucky member won a visit from this amazing mobile gin bar?

What do you get when you combine two school friends, a vintage horse trailer and a whole lot of gin? The best mobile gin bar in the land, that’s what! One lucky Craft Gin Club member will be getting a visit from The Little Gin Company - find out who discovered May's Golden Ticket here!

Mobile Gin Bar trailer in garden serving gin and tonics and cocktails

From weddings and posh parties to hen dos and village fetes, there’s one special addition that will make every gin-lover’s heart lift: a mobile gin bar! And for one lucky Craft Gin Club member, a visit from the ladies behind The Little Gin Company’s horse-trailer-turned-gin-palace is about to become a dream come true.

Just over two years old, The Little Gin Company is the brainchild of Emma and Nicola, two school friends who share an entrepreneurial spirit and a deep love of all things ginny.

As Emma explains, “We loved the idea of opening a gin bar, but realised we wouldn’t have the capital to do so. Seeing the popularity of street food and outdoor events, we decided start a mobile gin bar. It’s grown from there!”

With a lifelong dream of being their own bosses and an amazing idea they couldn’t wait to try, at the beginning of 2015 they decided to get serious about their mobile gin bar. “We thought we would always regret not trying,” Nicola says, “and it was the perfect time in our lives to be able to give it our full dedication. We haven’t looked back since!”

The first order of business? Finding the perfect way to transport their beautiful bottles of gin quickly and easily all across the country. After much research, they settled on the idea of a horse trailer. They loved the vintage look of the horse trailer, and one happened to be for sale not too far from their home base in beautiful Stratford-upon-Avon. When they finally got it home, though, they discovered that a bit of a learning curve awaited them.

“Neither of us has ever owned a horse, so the world of horse trailers was very new to us,” Nicola laughs.

Gin Mobile Bar owners

Emma continues: “It had only been used for horses up until that point, so it needed a lot of work to turn it into the gin bar we had envisioned. Thankfully we have very handy parents, who helped us with the conversion, and we spent many an hour cleaning and painting. With lots of love and TLC, we turned it into our beautiful horse trailer gin bar.”

With their fabulous mobile gin bar up and running, Nicola and Emma are wasting no time bringing spectacular spirits to gin lovers up and down the country, helping celebrate all sorts of occasions with fabulous tastings and bar services.

Nicola says, “One week we might be running a tasting session for more than a hundred corporate clients, and the next serving up drinks to a lively bunch of ladies on a hen do. We always tailor our offering to each occasion.”

Whether you’re after a tasting party or a fabulous mobile bar for your event, Nicola and Emma will answer the call. Emma explains, “We take part in all kinds of festivals, corporate events, weddings, parties, village fairs – we go anywhere the people need gin!”

“We’ve had so many great experiences over the last couple of years,” Nicola adds, “but one of the highlights is always the gin-loving people that we meet. It must be something about the type of people who like gin, but we meet such great customers at all of the events we go to, and have a great time with them!”

This fabulous mobile gin bar will be paying a visit to Alexa Downs! Alexa discovered that telltale glimmer of gold at the bottom of her May Gin of the Month box, which means she'll be enjoying 100 free G&Ts in her own backyard, courtesy of Nicola and Emma. 

Congratulations, Alexa, and enjoy!

Golden Ticket winner of May with GINNED magazine

Want to learn more about The Little Gin Company’s tasting and bar hire packages? Visit www.thelittlegincompany.com.