3 things about tonic that will make you want to pour a G&T right now

We all know that tonic is an integral part of how our G&Ts taste – but did you know that by choosing your mixer wisely, you can also reduce the carbon footprint of your favourite tipple? Here are 3 reasons to choose Folkington’s mixers, straight out of the can - and whip yourself up a G&T right now!

Folkington's tonic water can and gin and tonic in copa glass over ice with lemon and rosemary to garnish

1. Folkington’s stays close to nature

For Bettina and Søren, the beauty and wonder of nature served as a major inspiration for their KONGSGAARD GIN. So enjoying a gin as fine as this – structured like a tree and using the best raw botanicals available – requires a tonic that can match it both for flavour and philosophy.

The Folkington’s Indian Tonic water in April's Gin of the Month box is all natural, which for Paul Bendit, Director of Folkington’s, has been a top priority since he founded the company in 2011. He says: “Our roots are all about provenance and sustainable sourcing. All of our botanicals are sourced in small batches, and we never use any additives. What you’ve got is an entirely natural product using artisan, small-batch botanicals and the best raw materials we can get.”

Not only is Folkington’s sourcing better for the planet, but it’s also a difference you can taste – as one sip of your KONGSGAARD G&T will attest!

2. You’ll cut the waste right down

Ever opened the fridge for a dash of tonic and found that half bottle has gone flat? Not only does the rest of the liquid go down the drain, but so does your garnish, the gin you’ve already poured and the big glass or plastic bottle that failed to keep your mixer fresh.

It’s an easy mistake to make, but also a wholly unnecessary one. With cans, you can crack it open only when you’re ready to enjoy a drink, and then pop the tin in your recycling bin – no waste whatsoever!

“The 150ml serving in the can is also the perfect amount,” says Paul. “You drink the whole lot, crush the can and even the cardboard fridge pack is easily recyclable. It’s very kind to the environment and there’s never any waste.”

3. Get the variety you crave – guilt free  

Getting tired of gin with the same tired tonic? Folkington’s has a staggering six flavours of all-natural mixers available in fridge packs, which means endless experimentation is at your fingertips. And with nearly zero waste, you don’t even have to feel bad about stocking up!

For less than the cost of a double G&T, you can get two fridge packs of Folkington’s and rotate between your favourite tipples as often as your heart desires. While a gin and tonic may hit the spot one night, a particularly sunny day could call for gin and ginger – or even the richly retro treat of Bitter Lemon.

“Our bitter lemon uses 100% pure lemon juice,” Paul says, “and we don’t add any blue colouring. It’s a really good alternative to tonic water.”

And one you won’t have to feel guilty about getting. The liquid won’t go bad while waiting to be used, and you’ll never be without the exact mixer you’re craving ever again. Talk about a gin-gin situation!

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