The 9 types of gin drinkers everyone knows

From cocktail lovers to newbie gin fans, we've all met one of these drinkers once or twice! Which one are you?

1. The Simple Sipper

The Simple Sipper is usually a novice gin imbiber. They enjoy the juniper-based spirit - but that's all there is to it. They'll drink whatever is on offer and won't turn their nose up at even the most mainstream bottles. They aren't too experimental with their drink choices and are most happy with a very basic G&T in hand.

2. The Gin Snob

The Gin Snob thinks highly of their gin palate, and relishes in showing off what they know. Whether or not they are actual experts is totally unclear, because with their confidence and self-assured attitude you'd believe them anyway! Avoid engaging in deep discussions about gin with this drinker unless you're interested in a heated debate about botanicals.

3. The Cocktail Connoisseur

This is the gin drinker who never settles for a G&T, but instead is always looking to mix up the next best drink. They're drinks trolley is filled with exotic liqueurs and ingredients you probably don't even know how to pronounce. Cocktail Connoisseurs are some of the best gin drinkers to have as friends as you'll never need to go to the bar - you have a professional to hand! 

4. The Couch Potato

As most gin drinkers know, there's no better way to relax after a long or stressful day that with an ice cold gin and tonic. The Couch Potato lives their life by this idea, and tends to only pour themselves a drink when the clock strikes gin o'clock. This type of gin drinker usually invests in the largest bottles they can find, minimising their chance of actually having to leave the house to stock up. Netflix and gin is their idea of the perfect night.

5. The Tin Enthusiast

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When the warm air of late spring rolls in and the sun shines in the sky, the Tin Enthusiasts come crawling out of the woodwork. Purely weather-based gin drinkers, catch them outside on the lawn of the local park gindulging in a pre-mixed gin tinny or two. Sunbathing and sunglasses included.

6. The Gym/Gin Super Fan

Probably your health-obsessed friend, this gin-swilling individual is all about working hard in the gym - then coming home and rewarding themselves with a gin. They try not to overdo it, aiming to stick to their fitness goals most of the time; but after the second or third drink that's usually out the window! Light tonic is a must with the Super Fan, and they tend to steer clear of any sort of deliciously indulgent gin bakes you may have whipped up to share.

 7. The Begrudging Imbiber

This drinker doesn't actually like gin - but it's become so popular now amongst their friends and in cocktails, they can't seem to avoid it. At parties, you can find the Begrudging Imbiber strategically making cocktails with just enough gin to get a buzz going but to also completely drown out the taste. 

8. The Collector

Does the Collector even drink their gin? You wouldn't know it by the host of full bottles they have perfectly lined up in their gin cabinet. They pride themselves on sourcing the finest, most exclusive gins - and don't let anyone near their collection. The majority of their disposable income most definitely goes toward gin. They love showing off what they've amassed, but because of their hands-off policy towards the bottles, their palettes aren't always as refined as you'd think!

9. The Craft Gin Clubber

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The Craft Gin Clubber is the best kind of gin drinker! They love discovering new, delicious craft gins - and learning all about the rich history and incredible botanicals that go into each bottle they receive. They're open to new varieties of gin and love testing out cocktails and special food pairings. They're happiest sharing their gin with friends or with their partner, and because of the wide variety of spirits they've gotten to try, that have a good idea of what they like. They're more than slightly gin obsessed, and have probably recommended all of their friends to join Craft Gin Club, too.