5 Copenhagen bars you must visit if you love gin

Looking to experience truly exceptional gin cocktails? Look no further than the streets of Copenhagen, in KONGSGAARD GIN's very own Denmark. This city is home to some of the greatest cocktail bars in Europe, and with sky-high standards and meticulous attention to detail, a tipple enjoyed here is one to be remembered.

Curfew's Humberto Saraiva Marques

Curfew's Humberto Saraiva Marques

As Humberto Saraiva Marques, internationally-renowned bartender and publican at Curfew, one of Copenhagen’s most revered gin joints, explains: “The cocktail bars in Copenhagen are making lots of twists on classics by introducing local, rare or seasonal ingredients such as buckthorn, liquorice, rosehip and aquavit.”

Thanks to special ingredients and menus that change with the seasons, cocktails here are quite literally one-of-a-kind. Out of all the fabulous joints that span the city, we’ve narrowed down the top five you need to see – so let your Copenhagen gin journey begin!

1. Curfew

Curfew Copenhagen bar stylish blue stools and green sofas

Copenhagen may be famous for its modern aesthetic, but amongst the sleek bars you can still find certain spots that draw their inspiration from a different era – and modern speakeasy Curfew is a perfect example.

“I’ve always been inspired by the vintage look and the history of the bar industry,’ says Humberto. ‘I’m certainly more attracted to old times, where people were more polite and the décor was elegant and detailed.”

Stepping into Curfew feels like a step into the Prohibition America of the 1920s and 30s. The air is filled with the sound of scratchy jazz records, while rare spirits and cocktail books line the walls in beautiful glass cabinets – but it’s Humberto’s own collection of carefully crafted, seasonal cocktails that really stands out. “I prioritise a cocktail menu that has balanced, unique and surprising flavours,” he says. So whether you opt for a cocktail classic or a forgotten recipe from an era long ago, rest assured that you’ll be in good hands here.


2. Duck and Cover

Duck and Cover Copenhagen Bar

In an area of the city heaving with hard-working fashionistas, you’ll be surprised to find this spot tucked inconspicuously away on a quiet side road. In the beautiful décor of a Copenhagen from the 1950s or 60s, the mood is set for a relaxed evening of good conversation – along with extraordinary cocktails, of course.

Every drink is beautifully crafted, and one chat with the expert bartender whipping up your choice of ginny tipple will enlighten you with a bounty of boozy knowledge. If you’re looking to indulge in a Danish specialty, try some locally-produced akvavit in one of the bar’s famous cocktails.


3. The Bird and The Churchkey

The Bird and the Churchkey Copenhagen rustic seating

There are two things on the menu at the Bird: beer and gin. Boasting over 102 varieties of gin and 57 beers, there’s definitely something for everyone at this spot. With an atmosphere modelled on East London, you’ll think you stepped right out of Copenhagen and into Shoreditch when you sit down in this joint!

It’s Copenhagen’s only designated beer and gin bar, so be sure to take your time enjoying what they have to offer. And if you can’t decide which perfect serve to enjoy, try whichever ‘G&T of the Month’ they happen to be featuring – you can’t go wrong with their impeccable suggestions.



Fugu Copenhagen Unique Garden Union outdoor bar

Right next to the Bird you’ll spot Freddy’s Unique Garden Union (referred to as simply ‘FUGU’), an intimate little garden. Whether you’re enjoying the fresh air of summer with a classic G&T or cosying up underneath the heat lamps and roof that cover the garden come September, there’s a lot to love about this spot.

The ambience isn’t the only thing that changes with the seasons at FUGU, though – using only the freshest fruit, vegetables and roots available in the season, the master mixologists here create homemade infusions and syrups for all of their carefully crafted cocktails. How about splitting one of their unique cocktail teapots with a group of friends? After all, spending time outdoors with friends and a drink is what inspired the creation of the place!


5. The Barking Dog

The Barking Dog Copenhagen Bar

Get your dose of Danish hygge at this joint in Nørrebro. Combining the cosiness of a pub with the drinks menu of a high-end bar, you’ll feel right at home in this warmly lit, eclectic enclave.

The Barking Dog has been featured in numerous lists for best bars in the world, and it’s clear why: good service and good cocktails are the sole focus here. There’s no shortage of exciting and innovative tipples to discover. From barrels full of cocktails for pouring on demand to flights of spirits for expanding your boozy horizons, it’s a remarkable place! Try the Tree Hugger for a taste of Danish gin and ingenuity.