Mr. and Mrs. Kongsgaard were so inspired by the beautiful forests of their native Denmark that they built their gin - April's Gin of the Month KONGSGAARD GIN - around one of nature’s most ingenious constructions: the tree. Can you taste this structure in their tipple?

Flower and Fruit

Apples in fruit boz

Local Apples

For April's batch of KONGSGAARD GIN, Guldborg apples were sourced from small islands on the southern archipelago of Denmark. The climate here, with lots of daylight and salty sea winds, ensures that the apples are of incredible quality.


Bettina and Søren source their organic juniper from Bulgaria, where a special edible juniper berry variety grows. A high concentration of hydrocarbons gives these particular berries their stronger flavour and aromatics, but a high invert sugar content keeps the taste mild and sweet.

Whole Fresh Lemon

The fresh Italian lemons in this gin are accentuated by two of the roots: ginger and galangal.

Bark and Branch

Bark Tree resin dripping off


120m years in the making, the resin used in KONGSGAARD GIN leaves notes of pine when distilled.

Charred Oak

One of Bettina and Søren’s more unusual botanicals, charred oak lends the finished spirit a rich, smoky flavour and imparts a special dryness to the liquid.


The warm cinnamon and apple layer of this gin – reminiscent of a tart tatin – is to thank for its warm and familiar flavour.

Root and Seed

Coriander seeds botanicals

Coriander Seed

A classic gin botanical, the coriander seed here represents the start of everything: the seed from which the tree of KONGSGAARD GIN grows.


The centrepiece of the second KONGSGAARD GIN distillate layer, ginger root gives this gin a fire-y warmth and enhances the citrus flavour of the lemon.


A common ingredient in traditional Asian cuisine, the galangal root in KONGSGAARD GIN works hand-in-hand with the ginger to bolster the warmth and more flowery flavours.

Raw Liquorice Root

The pungent, instantly recognisable flavour of liquorice candy is taken from the plant’s root, one of four used in KONGSGAARD GIN.


Known commonly as tiger nut, chufa is, in fact, a root – but its nutty texture and sweet almond and hazelnut flavours makes it a welcome doppelganger for nut lovers whose allergies preclude them from enjoying the real thing.