10 signs you're definitely obsessed with gin

Is there only one spirit for you? Do you set your alarm for gin o'clock? Then you may have a slight gin obsession... but that's okay - so do we!

1. You often count down the hours until it's time to crack open the gin.

A fairly accurate prediction @emilyrhiannonjones Mountains and gin = #hometime #ginoclock #hendricksgin

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2. The first sip of gin after a particularly rough day is your heaven on earth.

3. Anytime you start a diet that doesn't allow gin, you don't last very long.



5. When someone offers you something to drink that isn't gin, you don't even pretend to enjoy it.

6. You've converted all of your friends into gin fans

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7. No matter where or when, you'll find a way to mix up a G&T

8. You know your local shop's gin section like the back of your hand

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9. You've tried basically every gin cocktail out there - and you know what you like.

10. And your gin collection? Simply the best!