7 amazing reasons to join Craft Gin Club

Treat yourself to the gift that keeps on giving - a Craft Gin Club membership! There's a whole world of gin to discover, and the journey starts here.

1. You really love gin

Super exclusive and delicious gins? They're yours. From specially imported spirits to one-of-a-kind Craft Gin Club editions, you can rest assured every Gin of the Month box that's delivered to your door holds a very special surprise.

2. It's like Christmas Day - Every.

Single. Month.

That giddy anticipation you used to feel on Christmas Eve waiting for the next days' gifts? It's just like that! With each month's box contents kept top secret until delivery day, you won't be able to wait to tear open your parcel and see what treasures lie inside.

3. Because everyone needs a hobby.

Each Gin of the Month box has everything you need to become a gin connoisseur, neatly tucked inside your copy of Ginned! magazine. With stories, recipes, tips and tricks to help you make the most of your gin, you'll be dazzling your friends and family with boozy knowledge!

4. Expand your cocktail-making horizons.

Premium tonics and special mixers in each box make it easy to experience new, tasty cocktails. And with a wide array of recipes at hand in each month's magazine, you'll be mastering your mixology in no time.

5. Get your hands on amazing prizes in members-only competitions.

In addition to fabulous Gin of the Month box, being a member has its perks. With our monthly photo and crossword competitions and the extra special Golden Ticket prize, there's tonnes of extraordinary prizes to be won - including free gin, of course!

6. You'll have the best gin collection around, hands down.

Every Gin of the Month will bring something special to your drinks shelf - from the brilliant blue bottle of this month's Gunpowder Gin to the ultra exclusive quality of February's Kalevala Gin, your collection will be the envy of all your gin-loving pals.

7. Standard-sized bottles mean ginny fun with all your friends!

Gin is always better enjoyed together, so a standard-sized bottle is a must! You'll be able to enjoy more than a few gin-soaked weekend with your Gin of the Month - and you'll turn all of your friends into craft gin loving fans while you do.