5 of the world's most bizarre gin joints

Has Drumshanbo Gunpowder Irish Gin’s spirit of curiosity excited own spirit of adventure? This selection of peculiar gin joints from around the globe are dedicated to astounding the senses as they serve up your tipple. The bars you know will pale in comparison to these unusual watering holes, where you can wet your whistle in some of the most extraordinary settings. From beautifully unique to truly bizarre, there’s no shortage of odd spots to visit…

1. Madame Claude

Berlin, Germany

Madame Claude in Berlin weird gin joint upside down bar

One trip to this bar will turn your world upside down - quite literally. This former brothel in the heart of Berlin’s hipster haven, Kreuzberg, is a strange sight to see. After making your way through a labyrinth of small rooms and corridors, you’ll find yourself passing through a wardrobe into the main bar area, where everything has been furnished upside down. Tables and couch pillows adorn the ceiling, while lamps seem to hang from the ground below. DJs, concerts and events take place frequently at the spot, where you can sip a G&T or a traditional German hellbier and enjoy the odd ambience.

2. Bar Eternity

Truskavets, Ukraine

Bar Eternity in Ukraine wooden coffin shaped gin joint

Near the Polish border in Ukraine you can find the largest coffin in the world. Measuring 20 metres long, six metres wide and six metres high, this bizarre venue serves up traditional dishes and drinks. Ukraine is famous for its exceptionally morbid humour, so it’s perhaps no surprise the local funeral parlour started this place up. Eternity is furnished just as you’d expect: coffins, wreaths and single candles adorn each table and the menu is host to a variety of dishes named after local mourning rituals. But are the drinks something to die for? You’ll have to check it out and see for yourself.

 3. Subsix

PER AQUUM Niyama Resort, Maldives

Subsix in the Maldives underwater gin joint bar

The strange and stunning Subsix is an unparalleled and unique beauty in the bar world. To reach this joint, you’ll have to take a speedboat from the main resort out into the ocean, where upon arrival you’ll descend down a grand three-tier staircase, where six metres below the waterline you’ll reach your destination. Underwater-themed, illuminated by abstract chandeliers and decorated with soft anemone-like chairs and beautiful shells that drape from the ceiling, Subsix is the lap of luxury. Enjoy a fancy cocktail as you gaze out at the crystal blue waters filled with schools of fish and colourful creatures.

 4. The Nutshell

Bury Saint Edmunds, England

The nutshell bar in England victorian paraphenalia crazy gin joint

This quirky Victorian spot is the tiniest alehouse in all of Britain - but more than size sets this spot apart from your typical pub. Currency notes cover the ceiling, while military paraphernalia and aeroplane propellers decorate the walls. But the strangest ornament? A mummified cat that casually hang from the centre of the ceiling. Nowadays it’s a popular tourist spot, but with its rich history and strange collection of artefacts, it’s worth popping into – even for a local.

 5. Sister Louisa’s Church of the Living Room and Ping Pong Emporium

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Sister Louisa's Church of the Living Room and Ping Pong Emporium in Atlanta with art covered walls crazy gin joint

A bar as wacky and absurd as its name, Sister Louisa’s is one of a kind. It’s covered from top to bottom in strange artwork done by ‘Sister Louisa,’ the Southern Baptist alter ego of artist Grant Henry, who originally maintained his art gallery at the location. After taking some bartending classes he transformed the location into the bar, known simply as ‘Church’, turning it into a wild and wacky spot where the drinks, activities and clientele come together in unholy matrimony. From ping pong tournaments to organ karaoke, it’s a lot to take in – so we recommend just sipping your G&T and taking it all in!