8 reasons to make gin your Valentine

Forget the fancy dinner plans - let gin make this your greatest Valentine's Day yet.

1. You don't have to try hard to have a good time with gin.

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Whether you're out at a fancy bar drinking expensive cocktails or sitting at home in pyjamas watching Bridget Jones's Diary for the umpteenth time, gin will be there for you.

2. Steak? Burgers? Take away pizza? Gin is happy (and goes well) with anything.

It even goes well with ice cream - seriously.

3. You can change your gin whenever you please.

Unlike significant others, gin won't mind if you decide to broaden your horizons and experience something new. Sloe gin, Navy Strength, barrel-aged... you can try them all with no regrets.

4. Gin gets along great with others.

It's no secret gin and tonic might be best friends, but it's also great pals with the vermouths, Campari, lemonade, ginger ale... and the list goes on!

5. Gin loves to travel.

You'll find gin all across the globe - especially in the Philippines, the number one consumer of gin in the world. It's good to have a worldly influence like this in your life!

5. Gin will bring a smile to your face.

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Forget the idea that gin makes you cry because that's just a myth. Juniper berries, the key ingredient in our favourite spirit, are commonly hailed as mood enhancing plants. So drink and be merry!

6. Animals love gin.

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Gin gets along great with felines, puppies and the likes. It's a fact.

7. Gin won't judge you.

Whether you indulge a bit too much, spill a glass or do something silly, you can always rest assured that gin will never think any less of you.

8. Gin will always be there for you.

Horticultural experts have collected juniper seeds and conserved them in case of extinction. Now you can happily sip your G&T and know that it will be there to keep you company for many, many years to come!