Cocktail: Burnley Bling

Burnley Bling

Burnley is home to both our wonderful gin of the month, Batch, and the largest single consumer of Bénédictine: The Burnley Miners Social Club. The Lancashire regiments apparently got a taste for this herbal liqueur in the First World War, so it was only fitting that Batch would craft this delicious cocktail in tribute to this "proud drinking tradition" and their roots.

Batch Cocktails Forest Oct 17 Hr-34.jpg


1. Combine first five ingredients with ice in a cocktail shaker and shake. 

2. Strain into a cocktail coupe.

3. Top up with fizz and add in a dash or two of bitters, to taste.

4. Crown with a frozen raspberry.


50ml Batch Premium Gin
50ml Bénédictine
25ml Chambord
25ml fresh lime juice
10 or 15 ml grenadine, to taste
Soda water
Angostura Bitters