Public Service Announcement: Gin Cheese Exists

When it comes to Christmas, no festive season would be complete without several G&T's - and a generous selection of cheese. The Cheese Brains behind the Cheshire Cheese Company have taken it a step further this year, and combined the two into a decadent treat!



Lemon pieces "harmonise with the slight acidity" of the cheese - the company's award winning Creamy Cheshire - and a splash of gin adds to the "melt in the mouth sensation." 

If you’re apprehensive of the inventive combination, never fear – it beat out 5676 entries from 24 countries to take a Bronze Award at the 2017 International Cheese Awards!

Gin isn't the only boozy pairing they've dabbled in; they also feature an Irish whiskey and ginger cheddar, an ale and mustard cheddar, and a chilli, lime and tequila cheddar that sounds mouth-wateringly good.

They've been so popular that they've run out twice on their website and are currently out of stock, but we noticed you can still snag a few on Ocado. You might have just found the perfect stocking stuffer for the gin lover in your life!