5 nifty, super cute things to make with your Bonne Maman jars!

Not only is Bonne Maman - featured in this month's Gin of the Month box - delicious, but the jars are super cute too and there are hundreds of things you can do with them once you have scraped out the last smears of caramel...

We have come up with 5 in-GIN-ious ideas on what to do with these little jars, with their iconic gingham lids. Be prepared to get your Christmas craft on! 

1. Christmas Spice Jars

Being a gin fan, we all know how important spices and botanicals are, in both the making of our favourite beverage, but also cooking. Why not display these vital ingredients, using your empty Bonne Maman jars, by attaching the lids to the underside of a shelf, fill the jars and screw ‘upwards’ in place for an eye-catching practical kitchen feature.

bonne maman jars used as spices holders

2. Sewing bits and bobs

Nifty with a needle? Bonne Maman’s handy jars make it much simpler to organise all your sewing bits and bobs in an efficient and attractive way.  They also double up as a pin cushion - functional and eye- catching all at the same time. What this short video to find out how to make one! 

3. Christmas Tea lights

Perfect for Christmas - or even wedding decorations - all you need is some butcher paper, stamp sets, paper punches, wire + baker's twine. Create festive patterns by decorating the paper with cut out stars and Christmas messages, line your empty jars with your decorated paper and pop in a tealight! If you want to hang your new tea light holders, use the wire to create a loop, by first wrapping the wire around the rim of the jar and then make a loop/ handle. 

Bonne Maman Christmas tea light holders

4. Christmas cutlery holders

When it comes to dressing the Christmas table, we like to go all out - it really is an art! Assemble your cutlery by tying it together with gold ribbon and a sprig of holly or pine and place it in your empty Bonne Maman jars with a festive napkin. Finish, by tying a piece of natural string around the rim of the jar, for a rustic look.

bonne maman jars used as festive cutlery holders

5. Salt and pepper shakers

Make cute, salt and pepper shakers in a snap. Place a piece of clear tape over the lid of your Bonne Maman jar, and use a marker to create a pattern of holes. With a pushpin, pierce the lid at each mark. Remove tape and fill one with salt and one with pepper - et voila! 

bonne maman salt and pepper shakers