This Gin & Tonic Cupcake Kit will make Gin O'Clock even sweeter

It's no secret that we're big fans of the gin-soaked bake. From delicious cheesecake and boozy tiramisu, it's one of our favourite ways to treat ourselves! That's why when we came across BakedIn's genius Gin & Tonic Cupcake Kit, giving us all the dry ingredients we need to make some delicious boozy bakes at home, we were beyond excited!

BakedIn Gin Tonic Cupcakes Baking Kit

We can't all be master chefs, but with BakedIn's Gin & Tonic Cupcake Kit we can rest assured that delicious bakes await us.

The Gin & Tonic Cupcake Kit includes pretty much everything you need to make a dozen delicious cupcakes at home. Inside each box you'll find all of the dry ingredients for the recipe, as well as miniature bottles of gin and tonic - but of course feel free to experiment with your own delicious craft gins - the possibilities are endless!

BakedIn Gin Tonic Cupcakes Baking Kit

All you need to buy? A couple of limes, butter and eggs. It couldn't be easier!

These zesty cupcakes are perfect to wow your family with or to whip up for a fellow gin lover's birthday.

And, if you're lucky enough to be a Craft Gin Club member, you could even win this treat for free! This November, we're giving five lucky #Ginstagram winners the chance to get their bake on with a 3-month subscription to BakedIn's Baking Club. Their memberships will kick off with this delicious Gin & Tonic Cupcake kit - so if you're a Gin Clubber, be sure to get snapping!