A 'cursed' gin is now available, just in time for Halloween!

A phantom headmaster, a dying highway man, the Screaming Woods and a Victorian lady...all the ingredients for a spooky Halloween tale...unless you live in the village of Pluckley where all of these things are actually a reality! 

In fact, back in 1989 the Guinness Book of World Records named Pluckley as the most haunted village in the country.

Now, you're probably asking yourself 'and what has this got to do with spirits of the not so evil kind?' Well, greetings card website Moonpig has revealed a spooky green gin using ‘possessed’ apples and mint, produced and picked directly from Pluckley. The green gin has also been blessed by professional witch, Ms Julianne White.

Evil Spirit Gin.png

Image: Moonpig

Ms White, who has been a practicing as a white witch for the past 20 years says, 'The blessing empowers the drinker to follow whatever their heart desires - whether it is for good or for evil.' 

Evil Spirit Gin and Joanne White

Image: Moonpig

You can buy Evil Spirit gin for £13 from Moonpig...if you dare...