For an extraordinary G&T - Basil Tonic!

Mr. Lamb and Mr. Watt are ambiguous characters whose stories have mostly been lost to history – but the quality of their products has withstood the test of time. So, when it came time to revive a tonic brand with quality at its heart, there was only choice of name: Lamb & Watt. 

For the enterprising collector of historical concoctions, the cordials of Misters Lamb and Watt are highly in-demand. Having founded their practice in the Warrington of 1847, these two craftsmen – about whom very little is known – were once renowned for producing only the finest distillates, including highly unusual and alcoholic aniseed cordial and grenadine. 

Basil leaves

As Leanne Ware of Lamb & Watt says, “They only selected the very best ingredients to enhance each drink. The men themselves are rather an enigma, but they did create fine products, and they knew how to make a proper drink. Swing forward to today, and we’ve revived that mantra of Mr. Lamb and Mr. Watt to produce only the best.” 

Lamb and Watt Basil Tonic Water

The Lamb & Watt tonic in your October Gin of the Month box is the modern revival of this Victorian obsession with quality. Made only with natural ingredients of the highest calibre – organic agave nectar takes the place of cane sugar or artificial sweeteners – the Lamb & Watt range is a showcase of incredible creativity. 
These mixers make for G&Ts less ordinary. The Lamb & Watt Basil Tonic Water in your October Gin of the Month box is a beautifully herbaceous mixer, which pairs perfectly with Lighthouse Gin to deliver just the right amount of quinine amongst a refreshing basil flavour, with a long, dry, satisfying finish. And it’s just one of four amazing flavours, including floral hibiscus and refreshing cucumber.


Amazingly unique in a G&T, this tonic is also a delicious addition to a Basil Crush. Whip up one yourself with this recipe!

Basil Crush

35ml Gin
40ml Fresh Pineapple Juice
10ml Lime Juice
100ml L&W Basil Tonic
Garnish with a pinch of ground black pepper & a pineapple leaf

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