Cocktail: Green-Eyed Gin

The festive season is over and detoxing seems to be on everyone's minds - but we're all about the retoxing! This Green-Eyed Gin is a delicious and herbaceous cocktail that's simply perfect for enjoying after a month of cakes, candies and goodies of all sorts. It looks nice, but tastes naughty - the perfect New Year treat!

Green-Eyed Gin

Photo: Great Rybus

Photo: Great Rybus

Recipe adapted from Imbibe Magazine

(Makes 1 drink)
40ml gin
20ml lime juice, freshly squeezed
20ml Chartreuse
15ml simple syrup
15ml egg white
 Luxardo Maraschino Cherry, to garnish
lime slice, to garnish


Shake all ingredients (without ice) in a shaker to combine. 
Add ice and shake again until drink becomes chilled and foamy.
Strain twice into a chilled glass, top with fresh ice, garnish and serve! 

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