Say hello to the world's first space-aged Negroni

Space cocktail, anyone? London bar Mr Fogg's Residence has teamed up with food and drink innovation company Bompas & Parr to mix up the 'world's first' space-aged Negroni. 

Earth to Stars cocktail negroni gin

This sci-fi cocktail, called "From the Earth to Stars", is a combo of gin, vermouth, Campari, fresh lavender, citrus peels, fresh chamomile and angelica root - plus one very special ingredient: bitters that have spent time 27km above the Earth's surface. 

The bitters achieved these dizzying heights attached to a balloon, taking two hours and 15 minutes to make the return trip and braving temperatures as low as -57 degrees. 

According to Charlie Gilkes from Inception Group, the company behind Mr Fogg's Residence: "Space has been at the forefront of everybody's minds of late with Tim Peake, Richard Branson's tourism in space endeavours and science fiction films like Arrival. Mr Fogg's ethos has always been based on exploration, so it was a natural step for us to explore the possibility of a cocktail from space!"

"From the Earth to the Stars" is priced at £25 and comes with its very own certificate, so you can prove that you sampled bitters that have been outside of the earth's atmosphere. 

Charlie continues: "We pride ourselves on thinking outside of the box, and this project has been a particular favourite to do. We hope everyone will enjoy their cocktail from orbit soon!"