This crazy garnish is like jewels for your G&T!

Looking for something to take your G&Ts to the next level? Try finger limes! They have the taste of a classic gin garnish with one pretty amazing twist: jewel-like balls of fruit that make your cocktails simply stunning. 

Citrus lime caviar garnish

While they may look strange, finger limes are naturally occurring, and thrive in the warm climates of Australia, California and the Mediterranean. Gnarled and finger-shaped on the outside (hence the name), when you cut these fruits open they're filled with balls of juice that tastes like a cross between a lemon and lime, with a slightly herbaceous note.

To get these glorious beads out of the lime, simply squeeze the fruit like a tube of toothpaste. 

The most magical thing about these fascinating fruits? They come in a whole rainbow of colours! The pearls can range in colour from neon green to Champagne-coloured to pink -- light pink and neon pink varieties are both found. And, because the colour of the fruit's exterior is no indication of what shade of pearls you'll find, it's always a surprise. 

Scoop a teaspoon of these pearls into your gin and tonic as a fun twist on a classic garnish, or spoon over oysters and fish. They also add a serious wow factor to cirtus-y gin cocktails, like the Gin Daisy (get the recipe here).

You can buy this 'Citrus Caviar' from speciality food retailers, or a plant of your own at Suttons Seeds