The Week in Gin: gin myths, exotic botanicals and #Ginstagram winners

We've had lots of ginspired fun this week! From busting the biggest myths about gin to discovering Elephant Gin's exotic botanicals from across the globe, there's plenty to catch up on. So grab your G&T and take a scroll to see what's featured in this weekend's edition of the ginny news!

London Cocktail week kicks off on Monday 3rd October, so whether you’re looking to sample new creations, craft the perfect cocktail or simply drink your weight in gin, we've planned the ultimate itinerary to ensure maximum gindulgence all week long!

The 5 biggest gin myths: Busted!

Does gin really have to taste like juniper? And are Brits actually the biggest gin-guzzlers out there? We take a closer look and debunk some of the biggest myths surrounding good ol' Mother's Ruin.

Cocktail of the Week: Elephant's Tale

Mix up this tasty apple-infused tipple to really get into the autumnal spirit tonight.

Elephant's September #Ginstagram Winners!

Which lucky Gin Clubber won a whole month of free gin?

The really wild Botanical Guide

Elephant Gin Botanicals 640x400.png

Here are the stories behind the plants and herbs that feature in September's special edition of Elephant Gin.

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