14 baby names for people who love gin

In England and Wales, more babies are born in late September and early October than at any other point in the year. But no matter the season, we're here to help with the most laborious task of babydom - naming the little one!

Extreme gin fans and casual sippers alike can find a lovely moniker for their bundle of joy with our list of names inspired by the wonderful world of gin.

 1. Gordon

Gordon's gin

Step out of the world of craft gin and surely the first name that comes to mind will be Gordon. One of the most well-known gin brands worldwide, a name like this will be a clear tip of the hat to your love for the spirit.

2. Geneva


'Madam Geneva’ is a nickname for gin that originated in the 17th century. ‘Geneva’ is a variant of the old English world genever, which relates to the French word genièvre and the Dutch word jenever – all of which come from the Latin word for junier, juniperus, which is also the key botanical that defines a gin.

3. Orris

Orris root

Orris root is one of the main botanicals used almost universally in gin distillation. It can be found in the dense root of the Iris flower - which, coincidentally, makes quite a fitting name for a potential sibling! Throw on an ‘M’ in front of this moniker (Morris) if it seems too unorthodox on its own.

4. Olive(r) 

Olive dirty martini

As all Martini fans know, the classic cocktail wouldn’t be itself without its signature olive. As your little one becomes the centre of your world, the olive is what makes any Martini complete. Give your child a name that will show any gin-lover just how much they mean to you!

5. Phillip


Brits may be consuming 19 million litres of gin a year, but this name gives a nod to the world’s most prolific gin drinkers: the Filipinos. Averaging 1.4 litres of gin per person per year, the spirits’ popularity in the country is due in large part to the wild success of their domestic gin brand, Ginebra San Miguel. 

6. Quincy

quincy gin and tonic cocktail

If you love G&Ts, this name is for you! Tonic water famously contains quinine, a malaria-fighting prophylactic that British officials stationed in 19th century India mixed with soda and sugar to create a palatable drink for fighting the disease. Mixing it with their daily rations of gin, they helped create the tasty tipple we all know and love today.

7. Hendrick

Hendricks gin

Henry, Henrick... both very nice and fairly common names. Why not put a little twist on the classic and pay tribute to a peculiar Scottish gin with this unorthodox alias?

8. Tom

old tom gin

If you’re looking to keep things simple, stick to this three letter title. The popular 18th-century gin recipe for ‘Old Tom Gin’ supposedly gets its name from the black cat plaques under which illicit gin tubes poured shots into the mouths of Brits during the prohibitive era of the ‘Gin Craze’ in the 1700s.

9. Angelica

angelica root

Another one of the core botanicals in gin distilling, the scent of Angelica archangelica is often mistaken for juniper. The botanical is often used in copious amounts when it comes to Navy strength gin due to its very strong flavour, so it's a perfect name for a baby girl that's going places!

10. Lane

gin lane

Inspired by one of William Hogarth’s etchings from 1751, ‘Gin Lane’ and ‘Beer Street’ were 2 illustrations created in support of the Gin Act and designed to show the evils of gin consumption in contrast to the virtues of ale. A little rebellious and a lot ironic, it's a perfect name for any gin lover's bantling.

11. Martinez


Often called the ‘Father of the Martini,’ the Martinez is one cocktail that most fittingly boasts the classic title. This is a sophisticated and elegant drink, so any child bearing the name is sure to grow up prim and proper.

12. Holland

Holland windmills

Gin has its roots in the country of Holland, where the British first came across it while fighting in the Thirty Years’ War. 17th century Dutch soldiers used to drink a medicinal beverage called ‘Jenever’ to keep their spirits up as they head into battle, so may your little one charge forward with 'Dutch Courage' with this name!

13. Francis


The invention of the medicinal Jenever is often attributed to a Dutch physician in the 16th century who went by the name of Franciscus Sylvius. While various names can stem from such a unique moniker, we think Francis pays tribute to this great creation quite well.

14. Collins

tom collins gin cocktail with lemon and cherries garnish

A Collin's glass is a tall, narrow glass used for cocktails such as the Tom Collins, a popular gin cocktail, made with lemon juice, soda water and sugar. There are a couple of stories of how the cocktail got its name, the more popular version being that it's named after a joke from 1874, where a man would approach his friend and ask, "Have you seen Tom Collins?" The man would answer "no" and his friend would then go on to imply that he should find Tom Collins as he is spreading malicious rumours about the man! This would lead to a wild gooses chase to find Tom Collins, but - he didn't actually exist!

So name your little one Colin or Collins and you are guaranteed to raise a cheeky, mischevious little chappy!