The Week in Gin: charities, chocolate and cocktails

It's time to wrap up another marvellous week in the world of gin! From fun holidays and fruity cocktails to exotic gin joints and Fairtrade chocolate, there's a lot to catch up on. Grab your G&T and have a scroll to catch up on what you may have missed!

Oriole london gin joint bar

In honour of Elephant Gin's African spirit, September's Gin Joint of the Month is an adventurous cocktail bar serving up drinks from across the world in the heart of Blighty.

Cocktail of the Week: Sloe Negroni

sloe negroni elephant gin

The fabulous bottle of Elephant Sloe Gin from this month's Gin of the Month Box gives this classic cocktail a fruity twist.

7 'Dahlicious' Cocktails for Roald Dahl Day

dahlicious cocktails

To celebrate 100 years of Roald Dahl, we've gathered a list of cocktails inspired by the amazing storyteller. Have a scroll, find your favourite book, and raise a gloriumptious glass of gin to Mr Dahl!

Salt of the Earth: The remarkable story of Divine Chocolate

divine chocolate

Fairtrade and part owned by cocoa farmers, Divine Chocolate isn’t just delicious: it’s changing the world – and maybe even our bodies – for the better.

Helping the Herd: How Elephant Gin is supporting Africa's best-known species

elephant gin

Gin that makes a difference to the world’s most magnificent mammal – that was the dream Tessa and Robin shared when they started Elephant Gin. But when we say this gin saves elephants, what do we mean?