Meet the winner of July's Gin O'Clock Crossword Competition!

All through July our clever Club Members were working hard to complete our Gin O'Clock crossword, enticed by the possibility of winning a whole month of gin for free. But that wasn't the only prize on offer - we're also sending our winner and one runner-up a free copy of The Curious Bartender's Gin Palace!

Written by master mixologist Tristan Stephenson, this handy tome traces gin's extraordinary journey and includes some fabulous cocktails. 

So which brainy Craft Gin Club member's correct entry was chosen at random? 

Lewis Rundle from Wiltshire!

Congratulations to Lewis! Not only will he be getting his next month of gin for free, but we'll be sending him a copy of The Curious Bartender's Gin Palace. 

But Lewis isn't the only Craft Gin Club member winning a fabulous prize - one runner up will also be sent a copy of master mixologist Tristan Stephenson's book. Our runner up is...

Melissa Cope from Blackpool!

Melissa Cope 640x400.jpg

Congrats, Melissa! Enjoy your fabulous prize!

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