August's Golden Ticket has been discovered!

Taking inspiration from the famous Mr Wonka, we hide a special Golden Ticket in one lucky member's Gin Box every month. The gin lover who sees that sparkle is in store for a wonderful, one-off prize - so who spotted a glimmer of gold this month? 

Terry Cooper 

of Somerset

We'll be sending Terry a luxury Gastronome Hamper from Spanish fine food specialist Brindisa. Packed full of delicacies including fine Spanish wines, beautiful olives, remarkable meats and cheeses and more, this fine hamper's contents are sure to pair beautifully with Terry's Siderit Gin. 

A few of the items we'll be sending Terry.

A few of the items we'll be sending Terry.

Congratulations on your win, Terry, and enjoy! 

Don't feel too put out if this wasn't your month - next month it could be your turn! Our Golden Ticket winner is selected at random, so every time you open a wonderful Gin of the Month box you have a chance to win.

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