This amazing tea tastes just like gin!

PostTea isn’t just a tea company – it’s a luxury gifting company focused around tea that is aiming to put the celebration and ceremony back into Britain’s best beverage!

G&Tea gin and tonic tea

Kim Villaweaver, the founder of PostTea, had the idea for the company floating around in her head for a while, when she finally got the opportunity to put her dreams into action by winning Start Up Richmond’s Pitch Up competition.

Based in their new Tea Fort in Godalming Surrey, PostTea currently operates under a core team of two - Kim, and her partner Sam – as well as a merry band of Teafiends who help out during peak gifting seasons.

Kim’s main mission is to “embolden tea drinkers to explore tea, to try new blends and to get creative in the kitchen. More importantly, we bring people together through the gift of tea. For us, tea should be more than a ‘dip and dunk’, but a real moment in the day to be savoured and enjoyed.”

The G&Tea blend in your box this month is just one of the imaginative products PostTea has in store. Kim explains the inspiration behind the blend: There’s nothing quite as nice as hot cup of tea in the morning, and a cool G&T in the evening, so we’ve combined the two to make something that’s suitable to drink in the office, at the gym, or whilst relaxing at home in the evening.”

The tea has a base of Japanese Sencha – a fine green tea from Japan. This is blended with dried lemon and orange peel, and lime leaves. Gently crushed juniper berries are then added, with a little natural juniper flavouring.

The G&Tea has a strong juniper smell that will leap at you as soon as you open the packet, and that is also the primary taste. The citrus elements provide a long lasting secondary flavour, and really complement the intense juniper flavour.

PostTea’s top three tips for ultimate tea enjoyment are:

PostTea gin and tonic tea leaves

1.       Always use freshly boiled water to brew your tea.

2.       Stick to the brewing time stated. Over-brewing your tea will make it too bitter, under-brewing it won’t give you enough flavour. If you think your tea needs more flavour, then simply use a little more tea, never stew it for longer!

3.       Make time to sit and enjoy your brew. This is good tea, not just any old leaves you find in a mass produced tea bag; admire the leaves, enjoy the taste, and take ten minutes to just be!

PostTea has already been busy in 2016, making their teas more widely accessible to Teafolk all around the UK and further afield, and expanding their range of teas.

The team would love you to get in touch and let them know what you thought of their tea. They have a lively community of Teafolk on social media, and are always available for a virtual cup of tea and a chat!