Transform your G&T!

Humans have been experimenting with the science of infusion for more than 4,000 years. Legend has it that the first cup of tea was made in ancient China, when two leaves happened to fall into an emperor’s pot of boiling water – and we’ve been infusing ever since.

The British are of course well known for their love of tea, but have you ever considered using the same principle that makes tea so much more than hot water to transform your G&T?

Gin and Tonics green and pink

This is the concept behind Infugintonic, the botanical infusion bag you can find in this month’s Gin of the Month box. These ingenious little bags of botanicals are like tea bags for your gin. Whether you’re eager to enhance an already delicious gin or transform a standard bottle into something really special, just one is enough to make a big difference.

So how does it work?

Each bag of Infugintonic contains a bundle of special botanicals, from dried lemon and orange peel to raisins and almonds. Simply drop the botanical infusion bag in a measure of gin (or vodka, white rum, or even sparkling water) and leave it to steep for a few moments, while the botanicals release their incredible flavours and, in some cases, spectacular colours. Top it all up with tonic and ice and voilà! You’ve created a completely new drink.

While Brits are ardent fans of both gin and tea, it makes sense that this particular ginnovation has roots in Spain. Our sunny southern neighbour is the third largest gin market in the world, and their biggest contribution to gin drinking – the Spanish G&T – isn’t so far away from the Infugintonic gin infusion bag in your Gin of the Month Box. In fact, the principle is largely the same: enhance the flavour of gin and tonics by adding an extra botanical kick.

Infugintonic has a stunning 10 flavours to choose from, and in your box this month you’ll find Brisa de Trafalgar, a lovely flavour that takes its inspiration from the beautiful beaches of southern Spain. Combining the Mediterranean warmth of orange and lemon peel with exotic floral scents and the sunny glow of safflower, just a few moments will transport your G&T (and hopefully you alongside it) to the brilliant beaches and blue water of Cádiz.

Other flavours on offer include Angelica Gin (lemon peel, liquorice, juniper and angelica), Refreshing Fruit (strawberry, mint, rose petals, strawberry leaves, hibiscus, rosehip and apple) and Hints of Arabia (cinnamon, almonds, apple, raisins, hibiscus and rosehip).

Can’t decide which to try next? You can buy Infugintonic gin infusion tea bags in beautiful boxes of either 12 or 30, giving you lots of opportunities to try every exotic flavour. And, if your order through before the 30th of September you can take 10% off of your order with code: ‘crafty’.