Hernö G&Ts are officially the best in the world!

Our members always suspected it, but now it’s official: July’s Gin of the Month Hernö makes the best Gin and Tonic in the world, according to judges at the International Wine and Spirits Competition.

herno gin gistillery

Hernö Gin Distillery was named the world’s best gin and tonic at the 2016 International Wine and Spirits Competition (IWSC), the largest and most prestigious spirits competition in the world.

Our friends at Hernö also took home a Gold Outstanding and a gold medal in addition to the Gin and Tonic prize, along with five additional medals. Just last year Hernö was named Boutique Distiller of the Year at the same event, which attracted more than 150 entrants from all over the world. But all these wins are nothing new – Hernö is Europe’s most awarded gin, after all!

IWSC prizes are decided by 400 global experts, who treat each sample with care and consideration. For the Gin and Tonic category, each gin was mixed with Fever-Tree Tonic and served without ice or garnish.

Jon Hillgren, founder and master distiller at Hernö, said: “I am humbled once again to earn a world-class award for my gin. I see all the awards that Hernö has been given the last four years as proof of an exceptional tasting gin that redefines the perception of what gin is all about.”

While the IWSC judges may have stuck to bare basics for their Hernö G&Ts, we can spice ours up a bit – literally! Here’s how to make what is now officially the world’s best Gin and Tonic:

The World's Best G&T

herno iwsc double gold best gin and tonic G&t in the world

Lots of ice
50ml Hernö Gin
100ml high-quality tonic
Lemon zest
A grind of black pepper

Fill a highball glass all the way to the top with ice. Pour in 50ml of Hernö Gin and top with tonic water – but not too much! Add a maximum of two parts tonic water for each part gin. Garnish with lemon zest and, to really bring out Hernö’s incredible herbal notes, a grind of black pepper.