She's got a golden ticket! Will you be July's lucky winner?

Every month we add a little something special to one Craft Gin Club member's gin box - a golden ticket! This lovely surprise is hidden totally at random, and entitles its finder to a fabulous prize. 

The lucky member who found a golden ticket in their NB Navy Strength Gin was...

Alice Norwood-Grundy of Doncaster!


Alice was doubly lucky - she found the golden ticket in her first-ever Gin of the Month box! 

She said: "Thank you so much for my ticket! This is my first subscription and was over the moon when I opened it!"

In the spirit of this month's theme we'll be sending Alice everything she needs to make the perfect Martini. She'll receive a full cocktail shaker set, four Dartington Crystal Martini glasses engraved at her request and a gorgeous bottle of Blackdown Sussex Silver Birch Vermouth. 

Congratulations, Alice!


Could you be July's lucky winner?

There will be a golden ticket just like Alice's in one of July's Gin of the Month boxes, so keep your eyes peeled for that glimmer of gold! 

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