Gin ice lollies? Yes please!

Gin ice lollies

We’re always on the lookout for new ways to consume our favourite tipple, so imagine our delight when we came across gin ice lollies!

Not only do Poptails by LAPP come in a 7% ABV Gin Fizz flavour (with gin, kiwi puree, cucumber juice and lemon juice) they also look pretty fab too, coming in a range of fun shapes and colours - cute or what?!

The lollies, a combo of fruit sorbet and alcohol, have been launched by London-based French duo Laura Faeh and Cécilia Thomas and are also available in Peach Bellini (prosecco and peach puree) Melon Spritz (Aperol, melon puree and orange juice), Strawberry Mojito (rum, strawberry puree, fresh mint and lemon) and their Tropical (rum, pineapple and mango) flavours.

Oh, and if you insist, there’s a non-alcoholic version, Berry Berry (watermelon, strawberry and raspberry puree). 

LAPP also offer the option of ordering customised shapes, colours and flavours, so if you’ve got a themed summery event (or perhaps a wedding (coming up, they could be just the thing. You can even get custom quotes printed on the sticks if you so wish.

The only problem we can see with the whole idea is that they need to be available to buy in more places! Customised Poptails are currently available to order online via the LAPP website, or you can find them (in a straightforward popsicle form) at three trendy London venues: Klub Trop, Trufflesecco and Netil 360.