These boozy olives will change your Martinis forever

Alco Olives – the NB Gin-infused olives our members have been loving this month – have their origins in a surprising place for such a boozy treat: a picnic!

NB Gin alcoholic alcohol infused olives alco olives

These olives were created by two couples, Dave and Julie Craven and Mick and Margaret Tennent, who were friends and neighbours for more than a decade. On one group outing the conversation turned to olives, and how they only kind enjoyed by the group were the kind found at the bottom of a Martini.

Just like that, Alco Olives was born. After a period of trial and error, the Alco Olives team settled on the perfect infusion recipe and now produce olives soaked in everything from NB Vodka to sweet vermouth.

All of Alco Olive’s offerings are hand produced in Cheshire. Made using the highest quality jumbo Greek olives and premium spirits, these olives are a beautiful (and boozy) garnish for or accompaniment to an ice cold gin Martini.

Order through the Alco Olive website and save 10% with code: CGCJUNE10.