Windspiel's dog-tastic #Ginstagram winners (can you spot the odd one out?)

Windspiel Gin

Once again in June, our Members have shared some brilliant photos of their Gin of the Month boxes, this month taking inspiration from Windspiel Gin's German roots, it's potato-based spirit and the stylish team behind it. Most of all though (and what really captured our hearts) we received a whole pack of delectable doggy photos in honour of the Windspiel greyhound that adorns the gin's label. 

You can see our batch of animal-tastic winners below. As ever, our overall winner receives their next Gin of the Month box for free and, along with four runners-up, this month will also be rewarded with a gorgeous, gourmet Special Touch G&T Botanicals Set, which normally sells for around £40!

With 10 different herbs and spices, from juniper berries to hibiscus flowers, plus a professional bartender's spoon, you can really transform your G&Ts in to something extra special.

Check out the winners below (can you spot the odd one out?) and Members - don't forget to get sharing your box pics to be in with a chance of winning next time when June's Gin of the Month arrives TOMORROW!

May's #Ginstagram Prize Winner

Jill Williams

Just look at his face! And how on earth Jill got him to sit so still while she nabbed this pic, we'll never know...overall, we thought this gorgeous pup and his louche, relaxed manner captured the spirit of Windspiel perfectly - congrats Jill, enjoy your month's free gin and your Special Touch G&T Botanicals kit!

windspiel gin box magazine dog

#Ginstagram Picture Prize Runners-Up

Anna Bonner

He's got to be related to the Windspiel dog, no?

windspiel gin and tonic set dog

Jon Winter-Holt

What? Never seen a pug hanging out in a gin box before? (We want one, now.)

windspiel gin and tonic set dog pug

Katherine Williams

Because cats love Craft Gin Club too...

windspiel gin and tonic set cat

Rebecca Brown

Such a handsome chap! And knowing Labradors, we bet those soppy eyes are asking Mum for a truffle...

windspiel gin and tonic set dog