6 Father's Day gifts for your gin-loving dad

We're counting down to World Martini Day on Sunday, but don't forget the other holiday taking place this weekend: Father's Day! These six gifts are perfect for every gin-loving dad.

This super-cool print

Does dad have an eye for design, as well as a taste for gin? This print is the perfect gift.

This ingenious glass

If dad drinks his spirits straight, this is clever glass is a must-have. It keeps your gin (or whiskey, for that matter) cold without watering it down. Buy it here.

These all-purpose gin glasses

A gin glass for every occasion. Order a set here.

This patriotic poster

patriotic poster image 400x400.jpg

Sometimes we can't help ourselves, but a little reminder always helps. Order this vintage poster here.

This eerily accurate mug

We decline to comment on what our own mugs contain, but we can say that you can order your dad this amazing mug here.

A year of craft gin

Do gifts get any better than a delicious bottle of craft gin delivered to dad's door every month? Hook your dad up here.

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