Cocktail of the Week: Pear & Elder

Windspiel Managing Director favourite gin cocktail pear and elder

Each member of the team at Windspiel, our May Gin of the Month, has their favourite way of drinking this delicious gin. This week, it's the turn of Managing Director, Sandra Wimmeler.

Sandra has a passion for cooking and likes to enhance her sauces with a drop of gin. Her favourite dish is Roast Venison using deer from the dense forests of the Volcanic Eifel, where Windspiel Gin is created.

Whatever life throws at you, she insists that a Windspiel Premium Dry Gin always helps. Can't argue with that! Here's Sandra's preferred cocktail, inspired by those Eifel forests.

Pear and Elder

pear and elder gin cocktail drink windspiel

30ml Windspiel Premium Dry Gin
20ml pear brandy
20ml elderflower syrup
25ml freshly squeezed lime

Put all ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake and strain into a coupe glass.