8 reasons gin drinkers make the best life partners!

There. We said it. We think that gin drinkers are the best bunch of people around! Now, admittedly we might be slightly biased, but we're sure that after you read these nine reasons, you'll be convinced. 

1. We’re adventurous

The thing about gin is that there are loads of new ones to try and every one is different. Depending on what botanicals a distiller uses you can end up with a gin that's spicy, or citrusy, or floral, or anything really - as long as there's juniper in it, gin drinkers will love it! And that's before we even get started on all the ways there is to serve gin, which brings us on to...

Gin collection

2. We make the best cocktails

You know that cocktails were basically invented for gin, right? All the classics, from the Martini to the Negroni to the Aviation all have one thing in common, GIN! And us gin drinkers love an opportunity to show off our mixing skills (however well-developed they are!).

Dog shaking a cocktail shaker
Gin Cocktails on Instagram

3. We’ve got a great sense of humour

Far from the old wive's tale that says gin makes you cry (and it is a myth people, we promise!) gin drinkers are a pretty entertaining bunch of people. I mean, come on - any club that includes Dorothy Parker and Phyllis Diller is a club we wanna be in...


4. We like to share

You just have to look at the Craft Gin Club social pages to know that gin fans are a sharing, caring bunch - just look at this lot!

Salcombe Gin drinkers

5. We know how to dress a drink

Stand back, vodka fans - THIS is how a drink should look! (OK. Thirsty now.)

G&T drinks gin on bar

6. We even know how to cook with gin

Gin lovers' creativity knows no bounds - and neither does our good taste (and appetite!). We know that gin is so delicious it not only tastes great in a glass, but in our food as well. I mean, just look what our Club Members get up to at the weekends...

Caramel gin cake with batch Gin

7. We support small producers

Gin lovers' insatiable appetite for different tastes and high quality spirits naturally leads us to the best producers - and when it comes to good gin, it's invariably the smaller distillers who make the best. Through Craft Gin Club alone, thousands of gin fans are supporting some of the world's best small gin makers - here's just a handful of the wonderful producers we've featured so far:

Craft gin club distillers

8. We’re an inclusive bunch

Gin is for everybody! From the Queen Mum to your own mum - the gin club is one that truly crosses social divides. Cheers to that!

Queen Mother to friends and family gin club members