Cocktail of the Week: The Queen's favourite Gin & Dubonnet

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 90th Birthday gin

April 21st 2016 marks Queen Elizabeth II's 90th birthday, so by way of celebration, we're bringing you this right royal cocktail recipe (you know us, any excuse!).

The Queen is said to enjoy a glass of gin and Dubonnet every day before lunch - a habit she allegedly picked up from her mother.

Dubonnet is a kind of sweet, herbal fortified wine which, like tonic water, contains quinine. It was invented in by French chemist Joseph Dubonnet in 1846 and has a refreshing, fruity flavour with a touch of bitterness.

The below recipe us supposedly how the Queen likes to drink it. So why not mix yourself a glass and raise a birthday toast to our longest-serving British monarch. Cheers, ma'am!

The Queen's Gin & Dubonnet

queen's gin and dubonnet cocktail

2 parts Dubonnet

1 part gin


Mix ingredients together and serve over 2 ice cubes, garnished with a slice of lemon.