7 reasons to join Craft Gin Club - according to our own Members!

Being a Craft Gin Club Member is a wonderful thing. But don't just take our word for it - check out why our Members love it so much below!

The good news is there's never been a better time to join the Club. Make sure you join the 25th of the month to reserve your bottle - once it's gone, it's gone!

1. The gin, of course!

And not just any gin - we work with the finest craft distillers from around the world to bring you truly special gins. And whether it's a gin not yet available in the UK, a brand new gin or a limited edition that an award-winning distiller has made exclusively for us, you simply won't find these babies anywhere else - certainly not in the supermarket!

2. Gorgeous surprise treats

Ooo, no it's not JUST the gin (however lovely that is). In every Gin of the Month box we also send our members a selection of special goodies to complement the gin, from artisan chocolate, to treats from where the gin is made to high quality mixers and cocktail ingredients.

3. Your very own members' Magazine

There's a copy of GINNED! magazine in ever Gin of the Month box, packed with fascinating gin features, distiller stories, gin recipes, puzzles, competitions and more. It will both keep you entertained and boost your gintelligence in one go!

4. Loads of prizes!

As if an amazing gin box every month wasn't enough, there are oodles of ways you can win big as a Craft Gin Club Member, from our Golden Ticket competition to our #Ginstagram Picture Prize to our Gin O'Clock Prize Crossword. It's a proper bonanza!

5. You can share the gin love

The great thing about gin is it tastes even better in company - and it seems to attract company too! Our members are a generous bunch and love sharing their boxes with friends and family -  although admittedly they do tend to make sure they save enough for themselves as well!

6.  Even animals love Craft Gin Club

7. It's the best club ever and it makes you happy!

Think we'll just leave this one to our wonderful Club Members - cheers everyone!