London’s biggest gin bar is open for business - and it's got a LOT of gin

The Gin Bar Holborn  Dining Room

London gin fans are getting a real treat this week, as the capital’s biggest ever gin bar opens its doors.

The Gin Bar at Holborn Dining Room is stocked with more than 400 different kinds of gin as well as 27 different branded tonics, including a signature house tonic, made at the venue. That’s 14,035 possible gin and tonic pairings! And that’s even before you get started on the cocktails…

The gin range covers pretty much everything, from big international brands to small craft distillers, as well as vintage offerings such as the priciest gin on the list, a rare 1950s Taplows London Dry Gin at £52 a go.

gin shelf holborn gin bar dining room

Holborn Dining Room’s bar manager Matthew Sloper said: “We always want to have a strong British feeling in everything we do at Holborn Dining Room so why not work with the most celebrated UK spirit?”

We couldn’t agree more…and we can’t wait to give it a try. Taxi!