G&T Cake Balls and 7 gincredible reasons why you need to join the Craft Gin Club now!

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1. Exclusive Gin contests and prizes!

A Craft Gin Club Membership is not only about tasting the best gins, it’s about having fun! As a Member, you automatically enter to win competitions such as the Ginstagram Picture Prize with gintastic rewards like G&T Cake Balls from The Cake Nest and our Golden Ticket prizes worth hundreds of pounds.

2. Members-only Special Edition Gins!

Our distiller partners love sending our Club Members their gins so much that they make bespoke gins just for them! When you are a Craft Gin Club Member, you’re one of the few people in the UK that get to taste these limited edition gins.

3. Boost your Gintelligence!

Every Gin of the Month box comes with GINNED! Magazine, 28 pages of the best ginformation including new cocktail recipes, fun stories related to your gin and the latest news about Club activities and prize winners.

4. Spice up your drinks with new tonics and cocktail mixers

Just like we’re always on the lookout for the best gins, we also keep our eyes peeled for the best mixers. Every box includes different tonics, juices, liqueurs and/or spirits that help you to discover new ways of drinking gin you never knew you’d love!

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5. Share your gin with the UK’s #1 Gin Community

6. It’s like receiving a surprise birthday gift every month!

Here at Craft Gin Club Towers, we’re always working hard to put together Gin of the Month boxes with the best surprises for our members. You never know which exclusive gin and special treats will be showing up at your door until yo open your monthly box.

7. All these amazing gin delights… and free shipping!

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