World’s most expensive shot of gin on sale at Burnley pub

gilbeys orange gin

A pub in Burnley is offering the chance to taste a rare, vintage gin – but better wait til payday as it will set you back £1000 a go, making it the world’s most expensive shot of gin.

The 25ml bottle of Gilbey’s Orange Gin, which dates from 1947, is described by The Fence Gate’s owner and gin-enthusiast Kevin Burkins as “a one-off” which he explains “cost a lot of money to buy”.

The Fence Gate bagged the world record for having the most commercially available gins in July 2015, with 623 varieties on offer – a record which has previously been mistakenly attributed by many (including us!) to the Old Bell in Saddleworth.

Since last summer, the pub’s collection has grown even further, to 850 gins and encompasses gins from the UK, America, Spain, Holland and Italy, with flavours ranging from coriander and liquorice to Christmas pudding.

The collection also includes many rare and vintage examples from producers such as the House of Lords, Lloyds, Old Raj and La Ceraselia Ginepro, and with some dating back to 1923.

the fence gate expensive gin gilbeys orange gin

Berkins began collecting limited edition gins around 10 years ago and has picked up his bottles at auctions and specialist sales, covering a wide range of varieties.

“It’s horses for courses,” the explains. “Sometimes I go for a flavour, other times I go for a serious navy strength gin. It all depends on my mood and the company I’m in.”