Who's got a Golden Ticket? Craft Gin Club Members!

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Who could ever forget the suspense and ensuing excitement when Charlie Bucket decides to buy just one more Wonka Bar and discovers that he's won the last Golden Ticket to visit the Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory?

We certainly haven't... and neither have our gin-loving club members! From February, we've begun randomly adding a Golden Ticket to our members' monthly gin boxes, with lovely prizes (worth £100s) for the lucky winners. 

We're very excited to announce our first Golden Ticket winner, Wendy A. from Putney! In honour of our Gin of the Month, Edinburgh Valentine's Gin, Wendy has won a luxury Scottish Gift Hamper full of gorgeous Scottish food and drink.

Creating the same suspense that Charlie caused when he bought that second Wonka Bar, we had a bit of suspense here at Craft Gin Club Towers with our first Golden Ticket - Wendy's Gin of the Month parcel was held up at the post office for five days!

Congratulations Wendy!

Congratulations Wendy!

When she opened her parcel, however, she was lucky enough to find the pink deliciousness of Edinburgh Valentine's gin reflecting off the glint of the Golden Ticket. Congratulations Wendy!

Who will be March's Golden Ticket winner? It could be you! When you join the Craft Gin Club, you not only receive the most exclusive and delicious gins in the UK but you also enter to win hundreds of pounds in prizes every month!


We offer three membership plans: 

Monthly: 1 surprise gin box every month

Bi-monthly: 1 surprise gin box every other month

Quarterly: 1 surprise gin box ever third month

Feel free to drop us a line to [email protected] if you have any questions. We look forward to welcoming you to the club!