How to throw the ultimate GINspired office Christmas party

Christmas time means Christmas parties, of course! And what better way to celebrate than by making your big bash all about everyone's favourite spirit? If your office is full of gin lovers, then adding in any of these activities is sure to make it a night to remember! (Or not, if you know what we mean...)

1. Sit down for a gin tasting

Image:  TimeOut

Image: TimeOut

Elegant and educational, a gin tasting is the best way to get the party started! Designate one person to bring in a few bottles of gin, wrap them in tinfoil for secrecy and label each bottle with a number. Sitting at a large table, line up an equal amount of numbered plastic cups in front of each person and pour a little bit of gin into each corresponding cup. Provide a score card so that a proper assessment can be made by each person, and after having tried them all, see which gins get the gold! Of course you can pour as much gin as you like, but we'd recommend taking it easy so that the rest of the evening's activities go along smoothly...

2. Host your own boozy Bake-Off

The Gin Baker's famous gin cheesecake

The Gin Baker's famous gin cheesecake

It's no secret we love the Gin Baker here at Craft Gin Club Towers - his delightfully delicious bakes made with gin are all we've ever wanted and more! For your office potluck, why not see who can bring the best boozy bake? Whether you've got a recipe of your own or want to scour the Gin Baker's blog for some ginspiration, it's a tasty way to incorporate this spirit into the mix!

3. Make a big batch of mulled gin

We all have our fair share of mulled wine during the winter season, so why not spice up the office bash by mulling gin instead? Cloves, cinnamon and all our beloved winter spices taste incredible in a big batch of the stuff. Find your favourite recipe ahead of time and prepare for a true Christmas treat!

4. Gin... jelly shots?

Albeit not the most classy activity, there's not denying that jello shots are just plain fun. Typically made with vodka, who's to say you can't make these boozy treats with gin instead? Opt for lime gelatine to give them a true gin and tonic feel, or throw in some red for a Christmas-coloured assortment - the world is your oyster with this one!

5. Play a round of 'Gin or Water'

In this game, you have one person pour a shot of either gin or water (in secret) and another person drink it. The point of the game is for those watching to guess whether the person has taken a shot of gin or water. The shot-taker bears the burden of either keeping a completely straight face or wildly exaggerating their reaction so that those guessing don't guess correctly. Rotate the positions amongst the group as you go along. This game is best played at the end of the night when all that's left to do afterwards is go home and sleep it off!