Cocktail of the Week: AK's Greyhound

This fruity little number sees the bitterness of grapefruit counteracted by the natural sweetness of agave syrup and the honeyed notes of December's Gin of the Month, Arbikie AK's Gin. A delicious tipple for citrus-lovers - and gin-lovers!

Arbikie Gin AK's Greyhound cocktail with pink grapefruit

AK's Greyhound

50ml Ak's Gin
10ml lemon juice
10ml agave syrup
75ml Grapefruit juice

dash orange bitters (optional)
50ml Soda


Salt the rim of a highball glass and fill it with cubed ice. Add Gin, bitters, lemon, agave and grapefruit and then top up with soda. Stir through to mix and garnish with rosemary.