A definitive ranking of classic gin cocktails

There is no *wrong* way to drink gin - but some cocktails are simply better than others. You could pretty much add gin to anything (including cheesecake and prawns, mind you) and it would be exceptional, but we’ve decided to round up some of the most common mixtures of Mother’s Ruin and finally put them in their place. Don’t agree with the list? Well, hey - maybe you’ll at least discover a new cocktail to try tonight.

9. Singapore Sling

Image via  Halia Bar

Image via Halia Bar

This drink has so much going on, we don’t even know where to begin. Gin, Cointreau, Bénédictine, grenadine, pineapple juice, Angostura bitters and MORE go into this pink concotion. This might be a fun cocktail to sip on whilst on holiday somewhere sunny, but don’t bother wasting your good gin on it at home, as the taste is simply lost amongst the plethora of other flavours.

8. Gin Rickey

Image via  Gintlemen

Image via Gintlemen

The Gin Rickey - quite frankly - is a poor man’s G&T. For us, taking away tonic water and replacing it with sparkling water is a desecration of the drink we all know and love. We will admit, however, that because of its sheer simplicity, you can truly taste your gin. Maybe if we're desperate and lacking tonic we'll opt for this drink, but the chances are pretty slim.

7. Gimlet

Image via  Food Network

Image via Food Network

Gin, lime juice and a little bit of sugar syrup make a Gimlet, allegedly created to help combat scurvy in the British Navy back in the 19th century. It’s a popular sipping drink nowadays, but it’s too lime heavy for our taste. Anything that masks the taste of gin just isn’t a top pick for us.

6. Aviation

The Aviation is so good, the only reason it doesn't rank higher is because the ingredients are far from a drinks cabinet staple. Crème de violette (you’ll have to look outside your local Tesco to find this one) gives it the discernible hue, and Maraschino liqueur gives it a bit of a sour punch that comes through in the best way. It’s a pretty potent drink, as well... so chin, chin!

5. French 75

Image via  Serious Eats

Image via Serious Eats

The French 75 is the kind of gin cocktail you might make when you want to impress guests at a house party. It’s definitely boozy – Cognac, gin and Champagne give it such a kick that it was supposedly named after a French 75mm field gun – but it’s also pretty tasty and looks great served in a Champagne flute. We’re not sure we’d pop open a bottle of Champagne on any old day though, so we’ll save this one for special occasions.

4. Tom Collins

Image via  Culinary Ginger

Image via Culinary Ginger

3 parts Old Tom gin, 2 parts lemon juice, 1 part sugar syrup and sparkling water to taste, this classic cocktail is a simple drink that’s been ordered up in cocktail bars since the 1800s. It’s inoffensive and iconic, but it simply doesn't quite cut it for our top 3.

3. Martini

Image via  GQ

Image via GQ

It’s pure malarkey that a Martini nowadays is more often served as a vodka drink rather than its original (and undeniably better) gin variation. Thanks to James Bond, our beloved gin has taken a back seat to its flavourless cousin - but there's no way we're leaving this quintessential cocktail off our list. Whether your gin is dry, juniper-heavy, sweet or spicy, a Martini lets it shine. There’s several spin-offs of the drink, but the classic gin and vermouth combo is the only one that matters.

2. Negroni

Image via  The Bar

Image via The Bar

We’re all about the Negroni – it’s so ridiculously simple (equal parts gin, vermouth and Campari) and looks completely stunning in a glass... it could have easily topped this list. It’s the perfect balance of boozy, bitter and sweet! But we understand the dryness of the drink just doesn’t cut it with some people, and so popular opinion lands this tipple at the #2 spot.

1. Gin and Tonic

Image via  Sport K

Image via Sport K

Were you really expecting something else? The G&T is the holy grail of all gin cocktails. There is no one right way to make it, and that is its true beauty. Mix and match different tonics with different garnishes and different gins to create delicious, beautiful and unique drinks every single time. It’s undoubtedly the ultimate way to enjoy your gin.