The 6 stages of a gin hangover

While we always advocate drinking in moderation, sometimes even the most cautious evening of gindulgence can lead to a not-so-pleasant morning after. Gin lovers – you’ll know exactly what we mean!

1. False hope

You wake up feeling fine – fresh as a daisy even! Maybe this time that third G&T didn’t tip you over the edge. Maybe you’ll escape unscathed and in fine form to tackle on the day. You get excited at all the possibilities that await you on this beautiful, non-hungover day. Oh, but how wrong you are...

2. Unquenchable thirst

It doesn’t take long at all – maybe a few minutes, even – to realise your hope of escaping the throes of hangoverness was just a lie. Your mouth is dry and you need water ASAP. If drunk you is usually quite smart, you probably downed some water and placed a glass on your bedside table in preparation of this terrible moment before you fell asleep. If drunk you is not smart (like most of our not-so-sober alter egos) you will stumble out of bed, desperately scrambling for something to quench the unyielding thirst. 

3. All the head pains

You may have choked down some water and satiated your thirst, but the lack of hydration the night before is coming back with a vengeance and your head begins to pound. Is someone drilling a hole in your brain? Is this the end? It’s usually at this point that you swear you’re never going to drink again (but you know this is one big fat lie - you just hope saying it will make things help).

4. ‘Hello, it’s me’ – Nausea

Undeniably the absolute worst stage of any gin hangover. You're just slowly starting to recover from the initial pains of the morning when WHAM! – a wave of nausea slowly creeps over you, leaving you feeling so incredibly terrible that all you can do is ask the world what you did to deserve such displeasure. It’s usually at this point you’re starving, as well, so you’re basically subjected to curling up on the sofa in misery waiting for the feeling to go away. 

5. Having to get your life together

There comes a point in ever hangover where you have to accept the fact that this is the bed you made for yourself and you must now attempt to be a productive human being. Sure, conversations are difficult and you’re probably still reeling from Stage 4 and trying to keep your mouth shut - but you shower, get ready and begin to go about your business. Depending on your stroke of luck, this stage can last anywhere from a couple hours to most of the day. Fingers crossed it’s the former.

6. Free at last…?

Hurray – you’re free! You suddenly realise that you’re actually feeling fine and the terrible hangover monster seems to have finally released you from its clutches. You’re relieved and overjoyed to finally be able to enjoy the day and you cherish this moment of well-being… while it lasts. Because, undoubtedly, someone will call about getting their Craft Gin Club delivery or some other fabulously gin-soaked activity will arise and hey – what’s a gin lover to do?