Free From and Fabulous

There are lots of reasons to choose a gluten, dairy or nut-free treat, whether you have food allergies or not. But when it comes to Just Dark Chocolate Orange, the delicious chocolate taste is more than reason enough.

Kinnerton just chocolate orange bar

Over a decade ago, the then-owner of Kinnerton Confectionary, Clive Beecham – a Willy Wonka of sorts – created a range of wonderful advent calendars that made the countdown to Christmas as exciting as the day itself for children across the country.

Sadly, the mother of one particular child wrote to Clive to say that he was allergic to nuts, which meant that most advent calendar chocolates were dangerous for him to eat. This inspired Clive, and the idea he had then would lead directly to the delicious chocolate orange bar in this month's box.

He chose to segregate his chocolate factory, removing all traces of nuts from one half. This made it possible for people with nut allergies to safely savour delicious chocolate, and the factory has been split like that ever since.

Just Chocolate, a new adventure for Kinnerton, has gone one step further. The chocolate in November's box is a ‘free from’ food, which means that it is free from common food allergens like dairy, eggs, gluten and nuts. The processes that go into ensuring these allergens are not present are staggering, and very rare in the confectionary world.

As Emma Perrett of Kinnerton Just Chocolate explains, “As the years have gone by, the number of people who suffer from food allergies are increasing, and more and more people are changing their diets to be healthier. We see it as really important to offer delicious chocolate that people with allergies can eat safely. But, at the end of the day, we want them to eat absolutely delicious, carefully made chocolate. Kinnerton Just is just that; real, delicious chocolate.”

One taste of Just Chocolate Orange and you’ll be sure to agree. While some think ‘free from’ foods are more expensive and don’t taste nearly as nice as their milk-and-nut-laden competition, neither is true of this lovely chocolate bar.

Made from pure dark chocolate with brilliantly flavourful oranges sourced directly from sunny Florida, Just Chocolate Orange is a treat for the taste buds.

“We played around with a lot of different orange flavours,” Emma says. “Florida oranges were definitely the favourite.”

Unlike some ‘free from’ foods, Just Chocolate Orange bar is not loaded with artificial flavours or overly processed in an effort to mimic the flavours and textures of milk chocolate. It’s simply dark chocolate and proud, combined with tasty oranges and lovingly crafted into a brilliant bar.

Just Chocolate also comes in more fabulous flavours: a deliciously rich plain dark chocolate bar or block, and a luxury mint chocolate box, perfect for giving as a gift.

“People don’t always expect our chocolates to taste as good as they do,” Emma says. “But we believe it delivers on taste completely. For yourself, for gifting, for sharing – there’s a Just Chocolate for every occasion.”