10 things all gin lovers have secretly done

When it comes to gin, we're loud and proud about our passion for this spectacular spirit. But there's two sides to every boozy obsession - and sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures. Every true gin lover will be able to relate to these secret ginny habits!

1. Popped into the shop for a few essentials… and came back with gin.

via  Zazzle

via Zazzle

‘But it IS an essential,’ you tell yourself. Every time.

2. Insisted on ordering drinks yourself… 

...just in case someone else tried to order something other than gin.

3. Put out a beautiful fruit bowl on display - full of lemons and limes.

The yellow and green just complement the room so nicely!

4. Made up excuses to drink gin any time of the day.

Red snapper, anyone? Breakfast Martinis? Hair of the dog?

5. Travelled well out of their way to go to a particular bar to have a particular gin.

via Google Maps

via Google Maps

Australia, you say? Hmm…

6. Spent a liiiiittle more than they planned on the beverage.

*Opens banking app* *Sees balance* *Quickly closes banking app*

7. Got crafty when all the glasses were dirty.

We have to admit, though - the handle makes it quite convenient.

8. Bought a Craft Gin Club membership for a friend. 

For them to share with you, of course!

9. Being unable to pour yourself a G&T without doing a full photo shoot featuring garnish and bottle 

Presentation is everything darling...

10. Being physically unable to part with an empty gin bottle and insisting to anyone you live with that it’s decoration.


If anything I'm resourceful...