Meet your new favourite G&T garnish!

Bored of standard G&T garnishes? Meet the cucamelon, an odd little fruit that looks like a miniature watermelon but tastes like a combo of two classic gin garnishes!

G&T mini watermelon garnish cucamelon

Bite into one of these mini melons and you’ll find an inside that looks just like a cucumber. That's because this jolly little fruit that tastes like a combination of cucumber and lime. Perfect for dropping in you next G&T!

You can also use cucamelons in salads, skewer them to garnish a Martini or serve them alongside olives as antipasti. They may seem like hybrids, but in fact they’re Central American delicacy that have been enjoyed throughout the region for centuries.

We came across the magical cucamelon courtesy of Club Member Odile, who grew a whole plant in her garden. You can grow your own with seeds from Sutton – drought resistant and ignored by pests, they're a remarkably low maintenance addition to your garden.

Simply sow in April, and you’ll have baskets full of this fabulous garnish by June. But be sure to trim your cucamelon plant, Odile warns, or you'll end up with a shrub that looks an awful lot like Cousin It!

Cucamelon plant