5 ways cranberries keep you happy and healthy

What’s in a name? For gourmet snack producers, Cranberry, the answer is something quite delicious, as members have discovered dipping into the delicious Yoghurt Cranberries in October's boxes! Find out all about the superfood fruit and the part it plays in this month's tasty treat here.

Despite the name, it’s not just berry-based treats that family-owned company Cranberry specialises in – there is a whole host of dried fruit and nut snacks for you to discover that both taste great and offer a healthier way to indulge yourself.

Cranberry’s story started in 1995, when the Doulabi family established a pick’n’mix stall in London’s famous Borough Market to sell their delicious wares. Today, things have progressed well beyond the confines of the market, and the company is now the proud purveyor of a modern, sophisticated (and stylishly packaged) range of uniquely flavoured snacks.

Drawing inspiration from the Doulabi family’s Iranian roots, Cranberry roasts all their nuts in traditional Middle Eastern hot air ovens, which use no frying or added oil, resulting in products that are both healthier and have a more defined taste.

The company even has its own ‘Nut Expert’, a dedicated development chef who creates new mouth-watering flavour combinations – including (despite his nutty name) this month's yummy Yoghurt Cranberries.

And it’s not just us who think they’re great – Cranberry’s deliciously different treats have been garlanded with multiple Great Taste Awards over the past few years. You can discover the full range at cranberrysnack.com – and you may also come across them as you jet off on your next holiday, because these superior snacks have recently been snaffled up by British Airways.

But for now, swot up on the superfood credentials of the tantalising little fruit that gives this company its name, with some essential cranberry facts.

Packed with polyphenols, these underrated health powerhouses have way more antioxidants than even the most highly touted superfoods such as spinach or avocado. From your head to your toes, inside and out, here are five ways cranberries can keep you happy and healthy.

1. They can help protect your teeth

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Polyphenols can help fight plaque-forming bacteria, and researchers at Rutgers University have found that specific molecules in cranberries have the potential to dramatically reduce cavities by blocking these bad bacteria.

It is, though, worth keeping an eye on how you get your cranberry fix, as many cranberry juices are heavily dosed with tooth-decaying sugar. Opt for concentrates diluted with water when possible for best results.

2. They support your heart health

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Because of their antioxidant properties and plant-based nutrient density, cranberries can improve vascular health. Studies have shown that cranberry juice can reduce the number of cells that harden arteries, the culprit behind poor blood flow.

A University of Düsseldorf study tested this by measuring different concentrations of cranberry juice to see how its polyphenols affected the body. They discovered that all of the concentrations benefited blood flow – and the highest concentration even improved blood pressure.

3. They boost your immune system

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Studies have shown that consuming cranberries can help fight microbes and bacteria that make your body prone to various diseases. This is due to the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of the polyphenols that they contain.

Cranberries are also loaded with vitamins, including C, E and K. Drinking a large glass of cranberry juice every day in the winter is a great way to maintain the levels of these vitamins in your system, helping to fight off illnesses and infections by keeping your immune system strong.

4. They’re amazing for digestion


Drinking cranberry juice with your meals or taking a cranberry supplement can help avoid indigestion. The antioxidants in cranberries can calm inflammation, and their acidity breaks down foods high in fat, aiding digestion. In a way, cranberries work a lot like probiotics – they keep bad bacteria from growing so there’s a healthy balance of good bacteria to keep you feeling great!

5. They keep you young

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American scientists recently discovered that the high levels of antioxidants found in cranberries can protect against common ageing symptoms, such as a lack of coordination or memory loss.

Another great thing about antioxidants is that they fight free radicals, molecules that damage our cells and speed up the ageing process, reducing not only effects of ageing but also those of common skin disorders. These superberries can keep you looking fabulous from the inside out!

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