Cocktail of the Week: Burnt Rosemary & Wattleseed Collins

Our January Gin of the Month, The Sabre from The West Winds Gin, is a classic, juniper-led gin that also uses botanicals from its native land to create a unique taste of Australia. 

One of these botanicals is wattleseed, which is harvested from flowering Acacia trees - a variety of which, the Golden Acacia, is Australia's national flower. 

This cocktail recipe from The West Winds' team is designed to bring out the flavours of the wattleseed in the gin. They explain: "Burning the rosemary releases the aromas, as in the Australian bush, where we need bush fires in order to regenerate the flora."

west winds gin australia burnt rosemary and wattleseed collins

Burnt Rosemary & Wattleseed Collins

45ml The Sabre from The West Winds Gin
30ml Lemon juice
15ml Sugar syrup
Soda water

Build over ice and crown with soda. Garnish with a lemon wedge and rosemary. Lightly burn the rosemary over an open flame.