Libations from Leicestershire: Burleigh's Gin's preferred pours

Below is an excerpt from the September 2015 edition of GINNED! Magazine about Burleigh's Gin and the 45 West Distillery. Every month, Craft Gin Club Members receive a bottle of amazing small-batch gins and gin complements accompanied by GINNED! Magazine which is full of information about the gin, the distillery and loads of fascinating features.

The Martinez

The Martinez, which first appeared in the 1860s, is thought to be the precursor of the Martini. Having first been mixed at this period, it is almost certain that the cocktail’s original recipe called for Old Tom-style gin, which is one of the reasons why Jamie Baxter preferred drink with Burleigh’s Distiller’s Cut is the Martinez.

the martinez gin cocktail

- 3 parts Burleigh’s Distiller’s Cut
- 2 parts sweet Italian vermouth
- 1 part Luxardo maraschino
- 3 dashes of Angostura bitters

1. Combine all ingredients in mixing glass and stir
2. Strain into glass
3. Garnish with sprig of lavender or orange peel twist

A simple cocktail revisited: Pink Gin

pink gin

How did a medicine for stomach illness created in 1824 by a German Doctor in the Venezuelan Army of Simon Bolivar end up in your gin? Why, the British Navy, of course! Seamen in the Royal Navy began using the bitters to help their seasickness and ended up cutting its bitterness with sweetened gin which would turn the clear gin a pinkish hue. When the sailors brought it back to British shores, the makeshift cocktail caught on with the drinking classes. 

You can also make a Pink Gin & Tonic. Just add an additional dash of bitters and top up with your favourite tonic water.

Burleigh's Distiller's G&T

Jamie’s botanical mixtures are G&T tried and tested. He likes to use Fever Tree Premium Indian Tonic Water because he thinks it best brings out the gin’s notes and doesn’t smother them like other tonics might. As for garnish, Jamie is democratic - grapefruit, orange peel or a sprig of rosemary depending on his mood!

burleigh gin